We’re On The Move


Your favourite duo are about to engage on a road trip.  A big one.  Plus, lots of ongoing smaller ones.  We do indeed need to bring a camera.



Welcome to the documentation of our adventures!  We have recently revamped the site, and lost all the bits we didn’t care about anymore in the process. This is a work in progress, which most of the time appears obvious.

Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten’s Tomb (2008)


We haven’t determined if we will still review this movie.  Especially as we don’t remember how it ends.  It is hard sometimes being motivated to start watching something over more than once without the involvement of SG1; we aren’t drawn in remotely as much.  Perhaps we might watch the previous instalment first, in case it makes a difference.  The trailer for this did look reasonably good, though we did have it muted.

IMDB:  Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenatens Tomb