House of Whipcord (a preview for our thoughts on a 1974 movie with a similarly influenced title).


Some must-watch movies on one’s personal playlist include a dealmaker.  In this case, the dealmaker can’t be understated enough:  “Oh!  It has one of those cars?  Let me watch for another few seconds…”

HouseOfWhipcord 2017-05-22 at 1.04.55 am

To clarify:  It was one of those cars.

To elaborate on our interest:  It had this particular fur included.

We like fur.  And metal cars.  Mixed with skin.




The Wizard of Gore (1970)


Well what a trippy start. Montag introduces what is to come as a spectacular show complete with era-typical, special effects. Confident phrases of descriptive certainty such as “what comes up must come down” are proclaimed, yet we get a feeling that we can also quote Montag himself already at this as point as soon as he mutters “not always”. At least we saw some interesting flower manipulation and persistent cape fluttering in the process.

It didn’t take long for some gore to come on-screen, curtesy of a chainsaw wielding Montag. What was presented as an on-stage illusion, soon delivers a dark twist when our illusion-chainsawed-woman dies in a cut scene, after the show at a different public venue!

That’s interesting. The movie lost us for a moment until a grave observed by Montag the Magnificent had its coffin raise through the dirt, and out from the ground. Soon to reveal illusion-chainsaw-woman. Illusion-chainsaw-woman soon is carried out of the graveyard by Montag.

And that was some funky music.

We don’t want to give away the ending. Or what happens beyond the first thirty minutes. But we will share some final comments, and let you decide if these words were simply written at the thirty minute mark – a frequently terminal moment for many movies. Perhaps they were composed after we have actually seeing the whole movie. Did he just say “brain” dear?  That’s another question we might leave to you.

Brains and wigs! This is where we are. With the wizard of brown paste. Oh no, after the brain hemorrhagic, the new magic show girl simply looks like another office worker going to work on a tram. What does hemorrhagic mean? Is it an emotion that an owl would feel? Chicken Unlimited.

Wikipedia:  The Wizard of Gore