More Jaguars


Having yet not started on our Journey (due to delays in getting the Billy and Betty Jag ideal to tour), Billy has started dreaming of what his next potential car could be.

An XJC has always been in the picture, and it would make trips for biscuits more fun.


House of Whipcord (a preview for our thoughts on a 1974 movie with a similarly influenced title).


Some must-watch movies on one’s personal playlist include a dealmaker.  In this case, the dealmaker can’t be understated enough:  “Oh!  It has one of those cars?  Let me watch for another few seconds…”

HouseOfWhipcord 2017-05-22 at 1.04.55 am

To clarify:  It was one of those cars.

To elaborate on our interest:  It had this particular fur included.

We like fur.  And metal cars.  Mixed with skin.