We’ve done enough emergency shopping to make it through one night…


…and the canoe has been checked ready for tomorrow’s.  Thankfully we are well sorted for food far beyond that out of habit.  So, so many tins are in the pantry.  So many…

The Jag has been tucked in for sheltered rest, and has company of a BMW – the two will keep each other safe we hope.

Indoors, the cats are keep the rest of us on our toes.


More Jaguars


Having yet not started on our Journey (due to delays in getting the Billy and Betty Jag ideal to tour), Billy has started dreaming of what his next potential car could be.

An XJC has always been in the picture, and it would make trips for biscuits more fun.

Elder Scrolls Online


It had to happen. First; I was teased by Betty with her PS4 ESO adventuring, which itself was a wait far too long for such an enormous Elder Scrolls fan as she. Criminal.  Then; I completed an online transaction to obtain EOL myself. Finally, I’m watching the progress of rough forty two gigabytes transfer on the 17″ screen of my MacBook Pro. Soon; I’ll disappear.

Clearly, Billy is in a better mood.

No Man’s Sky


We’ve been distracted here for a little while.  Especially after the update patch finally downloaded.  It makes us want to make our own soundtrack!  Very beautiful, and we cannot wait to have an opportunity to delve into the Windows version soon too.



Welcome to the documentation of our adventures!  We have recently revamped the site, and lost all the bits we didn’t care about anymore in the process. This is a work in progress, which most of the time appears obvious.